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about Nadira Norjahan

Philadelphia, PA (USA) native NADIRA NORJAHAN is a Soul Vocalist, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Poet, Author presenting her brand of lyric, music and stories to the world. Songwriting, poetry and storytelling are where NADIRA brings the story of real-life experiences to the forefront so that her fans can’t help but relate to the pains, the joys and really feeling her message.


NADIRA, a native of West Philadelphia, knew from an early age that she wanted to be a singer. She sang in various choirs, took part in talent events and performed her poetry, developing her skills, stage presence and vocal delivery over several years. She received many years of vocal instruction from Dr. Owen Brown Jr. also known as The Owen Valentine. NADIRA is energetic and gives dynamic performances whenever she takes the stage. 


Nadira has recorded several projects including “Nobody's Woman”, “Soul on Fire”, “SugaCane”, LP “Love Pain & Redemption” and “Nadira Norjahan's Return to Alkebulan” to name a few. These recordings were produced by Samuel Archer and engineered by Jon Werx. She has also completed recording projects with STIX BONES, Paul Ranger, DJ Slice and more! She also appears on Samuel Archer's music anthology "Samuel Archer's Soul Music Vineyard" which includes music by Raja-Nee, Afi Soul, The Great TK and more.


She also is an invited panelist for Indie Music Plus, lead by Joe Liedtke. This panel offers critique of Independent Music Artists' visual and audio works.


NADIRA NORJAHAN is also a published co-author of an anthology project organized by Monique Denton-Davis titled "Unapologetically Winning, Overcoming Adversity and Taking Action", published by Embrace Your CAKE, LLC.


NADIRA NORJAHAN'S now resides in Ghana, West Africa. She performs on a song together with Ujean Allday and Bwoytab called “Other Side”. This song which includes a music video (available on YouTube) highlights the importance of Africa's reuniting with the African diaspora, therefore denying the systematic desire of division among the elite.


She also appears on the song titled “Canaan” from Hans Bekx's album “Keep Smiling” along with Seyram Music. These artists are based in the Volta Region, also in Ghana.


NADIRA has also performed both poetry and song in Ghana on “Ehalakasa's Talk Party”, hosted by Poet Natty Ogli.

Nadira also served the Editor, and contributor to the online publications “Muzilog”and “Muzilog Woman”. She is now developing a similar project titled “CHAT TO ME” which will provide video, written and audio content about Ghana and current relatable stories.


She is also an entrepreneur of a company called Ghana World Junction. The goal of the company is to purchase Ghanaian handmade goods directly from their hands and deliver them to the world. Ghana world can be found at


Follow NADIRA NORJAHAN Norjahan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by her name!

"I just want to give the world the best part of me. I want people to relate, laugh, cry and feel every word I write, recite and SING!"
With love,
Nadira Norjahan
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