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Legacy of Love-Eartha's Seed


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LEGACY OF LOVE, Eartha’s Seed is the story of a family in Philadelphia who is broken both individually and collectively, yet they don’t know it. Eartha is the mother who suffers from demons of her past and lives her life as a broken woman. Having suffered from a lifetime of abuse, her only reason for living is her grandson, Darren. She has known no stronger reason to go on.


Darren is born to Eartha’s daughter, Khari. Khari is a hard-working, down home mom who is favored by her mother for her light skin. Her no-good baby daddy is her weakness but she can’t let go of the hope that one day he will leave the streets for her. Her greatest joys of her life are her little boy and her best friend and sister, Afaye.


Afaye may look much like her mother with her dark skin, hourglass shape and kinky hair but she is Eartha’s least favorite. She is also her dynamic opposite which is likely her reason for resenting her youngest daughter. Afaye is a poetic free spirit whose life is full of color and trying to fill her broken heart after the love of her life left her. Thankfully, she has her best friend and sister, Khari.


Kamau is an educated brother and poet. Life has been a whirlwind since he left Philly. He is back for one thing. To reclaim the love of his life, so is his hope.


Jae is a southern belle who has lived the high life of being a light-skinned woman with favor of a prejudiced family and society. However, she never forgot her best friend and sister, Eartha. Now she is back for one reason. To be her Sister’s Keeper.


Shiqua is damaged seemingly beyond repair. Having only known abuse and loss the sweetest thing she has to hold on to is her daughter Brene’. Her abusive baby daddy is the only person who shows her any human connection. Life is a daily dose of pain and her only desire to live is for her baby girl.


Fred spends his life hiding from any light in his soul. To show any type of kindness is to show weakness. The streets are as faithful to him as his hos, drug runners and baby mammas. Everyone is in line because he is the King of the block. And the King is untouchable!


Christina hasn’t always lived her life for God but she finds the greatest joy in helping this family to find their way. Honoring her vow to save one soul at a time, she gently ministers to each of these souls with a hope that she will help to preserve Eartha’s Legacy of Love.



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